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Wisconsin Online Divorce is a 100% legit, affordable, and quick service that allows you to prepare your divorce forms and launch the filing process.

The term Online divorce could be misleading. A person cannot get a divorce online in Wisconsin. Only a judge can grant a divorce. Basically, it is an online service that aids people with preparing their divorce forms.

Here are some of the advantages provided by an online divorce:

  • Any gadget (PC, laptop, or smartphone) can be used to access the service;
  • No need to hire and meet with divorce attorneys;
  • A low-cost option for people who want to save money;
  • The ability to edit forms on demand;
  • State-specific filing instructions are included in the price.

The only thing needed is to identify whether a person is eligible for an online divorce by going through our simple online questionnaire. A person can get ready-to-sign divorce paperwork online in Wisconsin without breaking a sweat!

How to qualify for an online divorce?

The first requirement for an online divorce option is to make sure that both spouses have settled their differences regarding important matters such as alimony (spousal support), child custody, property division, etc.

After ensuring that both parties are on the same page, they are eligible for an uncontested divorce. This is where the filing spouse (also known as the petitioner) goes through an online questionnaire at Wisconsin Online Divorce to provide the system with case details. The platform will then generate ready-to-sign divorce forms.

Try our innovative system and prepare your divorce paperwork in no time!

Compare Your Options for Filing for Divorce in Wisconsin

Divorce With a Lawyer

A traditional divorce where spouses hire attorneys to assist them.

  • A lawyer can cause new conflicts, making the divorce more complicated
  • Children can suffer emotional damage if they are caught in their parents’ conflict
  • Lawyer’s services can ramp up the cost of divorce by thousands of dollars
  • Attorney’s schedule can prolong the divorce process
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The premier uncontested divorce tool

A quick, cheap, and comfortable option for an uncontested divorce.

  • Access Wisconsin Online Divorce from any place with internet access
  • Access your divorce forms at any time and edit them for free
  • Prepare your papers from the comfort of your home, office, or any other place
  • Our 24/7 support is at your service

DIY divorce

This is the cheapest but the most complicated path. You go through the whole divorce process without any assistance.

  • A lack of legal knowledge leads to numerous mistakes while filling out papers
  • Paperwork preparation can waste lots of time, prolonging the divorce
  • A higher risk of an unwanted outcome and potential disputes
  • The petitioner may face extra expenses during the filing process

What Forms Do I Need to File for Divorce in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Divorce Forms

The state of Wisconsin has the following list of forms for an uncontested divorce:

  • Summons with Minor Children (FA-4104V)
  • Summons without Minor Children (FA-4105V)
  • Petition with Minor Children (FA-4108V)
  • Petition without Minor Children (FA-4109V)
  • Joint Petition with Minor Children (FA-4110V)
  • Joint Petition without Minor Children (FA-4111V)
  • Confidential Petition Addendum (GF-179)
  • Stipulation for Temporary Order with Minor Children (FA-4126VA)
  • Stipulation for Temporary Order without Minor Children (FA-4127VA)
  • Affidavit to Show Cause and Request or Hearing for Temporary Order with Minor Children (FA-4128VA)
  • Affidavit to Show Cause and Request or Hearing for Temporary Order without Minor Children (FA-4129VA)
  • Admission of Service (FA-4119V)
  • Affidavit of Service (FA-4120V)
  • Publication Summons (FA-4122V)
  • Publication Affidavit of Mailing (FA-4123)
  • Order to Appear (FA-4142V)
  • Financial Disclosure Statement (FA-4139V)
  • Proposed Parenting Plan (FA-4147V)
  • Marital Settlement Agreement with Minor Children (FA-4150V)
  • Marital Settlement Agreement without Minor Children (FA-4151V)
  • Proposed Marital Settlement with Minor Children (FA-4152V)
  • Proposed Marital Settlement without Minor Children (FA-4153V)
  • Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Judgment - with Minor Children (FA-4160VA)
  • Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Judgment - without Minor Children (FA-4161VA)

The list of forms is basic, and the court may require additional forms depending on the specifics of each individual divorce case.

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How to Fill Out Wisconsin Divorce Papers


Petitioners who decided to complete papers on their own need to:

  • Visit the local county clerk’s office. The clerk will provide blank divorce forms, depending on the plaintiff’s situation;
  • Acquire digital forms from the Wisconsin Court System’s website by searching for divorce forms and downloading them. There are English and Spanish versions of each form;
  • Use assistance from an online divorce company. Wisconsin Online Divorce provides a questionnaire to determine specifics of an individual case, based on which the system will help to prepare the necessary documents.

Step 1. Preparation of Divorce Petition

This is the most important document for the petitioner, and it needs to be filled out correctly. The type of petition depends on whether the petitioner is filing a joint petition with their spouse. There are also different forms for couples with and without minor children.

Step 2. Financial Disclosures

The petitioner should fill out a Financial Disclosure Statement to protect their finances and provide the clerk with accurate information regarding assets and liabilities. This information is used to determine the division of finances during the divorce process.

Step 3. Preparation for Filing

A signed divorce petition has to be notarized. This is an important step as the notary verifies the information provided by the petitioner.

If a couple decides to proceed with a joint divorce petition, both parties have to sign papers in front of a notary. It is possible to do it at different times for each spouse. The main requirement is to do so in front of a notary public.

Finally, it is important to make several copies of the documents. One stays with the petitioner, the second one is for the respondent, and the third one is for the court.

File for Divorce Online in Wisconsin Without a Lawyer


Dissolution of marriage is not an easy endeavor. It becomes more complicated if both parties are not able to reach an agreement on things such as alimony, child custody, property division, and so on.

Filing for divorce can be handled in one of the following ways:

  • Spouses can file prepared divorce forms with the local clerk or e-filing services.
  • Spouses can use Wisconsin Online Divorce to file the papers.

Scenario 1: Uncontested Divorce

This path is available for partners who are able to sort out their differences without a need for court hearings:

  • Prepare all the required papers for a dissolution of marriage;
  • Sign divorce documents in front of a notary public;
  • File the papers with the local clerk or using the e-filing service or Wisconsin Online Divorce.

Scenario 2: Joint Dissolution of Marriage

This is an excellent option for couples who are seeking an uncontested divorce. The main difference is in the required forms. Joint dissolution of marriage is available if spouses:

  • Agree on all the terms and conditions;
  • Are on good terms to file together.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Wisconsin


This option is not recommended for couples who are not able to reach an agreement and are proceeding with a contested divorce. Below is important information for spouses who decide to file for divorce without any assistance.

In order to save money, it may be a good idea to consider couple counseling or mediation. These options can make the divorce process easier.

Wisconsin Online Divorce is able to take care of the hardest step - preparation of divorce paperwork.

Step 1. Acquire forms that fit the individual case

Each case has its own specifics. That is why it is important to pick the proper set of forms.

Step 2. Fill out the appropriate forms

It is imperative for the partners to be on the same page, as conflicts can lead to mistakes. Any kind of typo could cause the court to reject the papers.

Main documents for a divorce in the state of Wisconsin include but are not limited to:

  • Summons;
  • Petition for divorce
  • Admission of service;
  • Affidavit of service.

Step 3. Filing the documents

A copy of prepared and signed papers has to be filed with the local county clerk. The clerk checks whether all the documents are properly prepared, filled out, and signed. If everything is in order, the court will accept the paperwork.

Step 4. Serving

The petitioner is obligated to serve signed divorce papers to the receiving spouse. There are several ways of completing this task:

  • Hire a county deputy to deliver the papers
  • Hire a private process server to do the task
  • Ask any adult who is not connected to the case to deliver the divorce papers
We provide you with:
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  • All Required Wisconsin State Forms.
  • Wisconsin-Specific Court Filing Instructions.
  • Unlimited Revisions for as long as your account is active.

Getting a Divorce With Children in Wisconsin


Divorce with children is quite similar to a traditional divorce process. However, there are differences that parents need to know about when filing for divorce.


The state of Wisconsin recognizes two types of custody, which can be sole or joint:

  • Legal custody
  • Placement (physical custody)

The first one refers to the parent’s right and responsibility to make important decisions concerning the child. This includes but is not limited to healthcare issues, religion, school, and even consent to acquire a driver’s license.

The second one is called “Placement” but is actually physical custody. The term refers to the parent’s right to have a child physically live with them. This also means that a parent is responsible for the daily decisions for the child’s care.

Placement is often shared, or one of the parents may have primary physical custody over a child. The decision regarding placement is usually affected by proximity to school, parents’ work hours, and the child’s wishes (although this depends on the age of a child).

Child Support

Child support is financial payments made from one parent to another for a variety of expenses that include tuition, food, housing, and so on. Standard child support in the state of Wisconsin is 17% of the gross income for one child. However, the percentage can rise to 34% if the parents have 5 or more children.

Residency Requirements in WI

To be eligible for a divorce in Wisconsin, one of the partners has to meet the residency requirements. The petitioner or defendant must have lived within the state for at least 6 months before the filing process. Moreover, one of the spouses must have resided in the county of filing for at least 30 days.

If the divorce involves minor children, the situation is similar. A petitioner must qualify for the court’s jurisdiction to make decisions regarding child support, child custody, and alimony.

A child who falls under custody orders has to have lived within the state with a parent for at least 6 months before filing.


How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in Wisconsin

There are lots of factors to consider when trying to determine how long the divorce will take to be finalized. Everything depends on the type of divorce, negotiation/mediation time, preparation of divorce forms, and more.

Wisconsin has a mandatory waiting period for a no-fault divorce to be finalized - 120 days from the day of filing the divorce papers. The court may require more time to review all the forms submitted after the initial filing.

When it comes to fault-based divorces, it usually takes a lot longer. The reason is quite simple - the petitioner has to provide proof of their accusations. This makes the time required to finalize a divorce almost impossible to predict.

Similarly, a contested divorce can drag on a lot longer due to numerous court hearings because of the inability of partners to reach a consensus regarding important matters.

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